(Introduction course to basic, introduction to breathing techniques)

The Basic class is designed for all those who wish to consciously create, identify, and move energy within the body for personal health and well-being. Students are gradually involved in a progressive sequence of exercises and meditations based on Tibetan techniques, which promote good energy flow. Informal lectures and discussions provide a framework for active participation during class. Assignments are also given for practice at home. A general study of human anatomy is highly recommended. Individuals who are considering these classes should be prepared to spend one hour daily on this "homework" in order to achieve optimal results and benefits.

During the introductory class there is some theory (each. student will obtain a manual containing detailed descriptions of all exercises) but major emphasis is placed on individual experience. While all students perform the same exercises, their experiences vary.

On the elementary level, we teach how, to feel the energy, how to send it where we want it, how to release the accumulated (often unconsciously, through the years) emotions, so that the mental level can assert control over emotions, and how to mentally steer all of these levels of energy. Everyone is accepted into the elementary classes, with the exception of persons that are mentally imbalanced or excessively aggressive. On this level, students discover their energy abilities and learn how to work with others.

The introductory class is attended by 16 to 22 students, so that Mietek can devote adequate time to everyone. Individual attention is time consuming but brings decidedly the best results. In the United States, thus far, about two thousand persons have completed our basic course.

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