Completion of the basic class is required for entrance into the advanced class. Students are taught work with bioenergy, how to affect the energy fields and, how to correct them, how to work in the etheric, emotional and mental levels. Each student is encouraged to undertake basic studies in anatomy and physiology. We teach hygiene in bioenergy work as well as the ethics of that work. Students are also encouraged to become acquainted with other methods of energy work and after completing their course, to develop their own method compatible with the individual need for application of bioenergy in their line of work. (The needs of a therapeutic masseuse, a psychologist or a physician differ from each other.) Class work emphasizes the strengthening of techniques learned in the introductory sessions and the development of new skills including: increased sensitivity to and knowledge of how the human energy fields interact, greater development of the "third eye", and learning "diagnostic" skills.

Students will have the opportunity to not only work on each other, but also on persons brought to the class. As part of the training, students are encouraged to practice techniques outside of class as much as possible, and to share their experiences with the group.

Thus far, in the United Sates, over 1500 persons have completed the advanced training. Many of them report achieving considerable success in applying the method. After completing the advanced classes, students are invited to attend consultative gatherings, during which they may work with individuals, specifically invited for this purpose. During the meetings, students may also consult with Mietek about their problems and conduct discussions about bioenergy with other practitioners of the method.

Of special concern to Mietek from the outset was to keep the costs of our training at a level which would not deter anyone genuinely interested in learning how to work with bioenergy. Students, however, must take into consideration the need of daily exercises for 30 to 45 minutes, if they wish to achieve a desired level of proficiency. Each student should also be prepared for the possibility of undergoing many emotional and psychological changes during and immediately after the training. Occasionally, these may occur at a fairly intense level.

Each person who attends the advanced course receives a certificate of attendance upon its completion.

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