To obtain the Master of Wirkus-Bioenergy certificate the requirements are:

* To complete two basic intensive classes.

* To complete two advanced intensive classes.

* After completing the advanced class, in order to obtain the certificate of training, every person will have to sign an agreement to comply with the Ethics of Code of Conduct for Bioenergy work.

* To have a minimum of 200 hours of documented, direct bioenergy practice performed in a period of not less than 3 years.

* To present a bioenergy work history (charts) of at least 30 persons. The charts will include a complete bioenergy diagnosis, description of bioenergy changes after a bioenergy session has been performed, statement from the client, clients address and telephone number. To present a statement from the physician, psychologist or therapist (if available).

* To have a minimum of 100 hours of documented, long distance bioenergy practice performed in not less than 3 years after completing the advanced level. To present a full documentation of bioenergy sessions with not less than 10 clients, statements from clients, their names and addresses. Statement from the physician, psychologist or therapist (if available).

* To present at least one self designed bioenergy research history, or documentation (publication) of the energy research in which student has been involved with the written statement from the research director, confirming student's participation in the research.

* All our students who are attending consultation meetings (with the proof of presence in the meeting) can add 2 hours per each meeting to the number of hours (minimum 200) requested for direct energy practice.

* Every student who will complete all these requirements can attend the Master Class to complete the program. Master Class will be given twice a year and all the documentation should be delivered to us not later than one month in advance, to give us enough time to review it.

* The only students recommended by us for participation in research programs and bioenergy treatment will be those, who will complete the Master Class.

Basic Class

Advanced Class

Master Certificate

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