Mietek Wirkus:
School of Bioenergy, The Healing Art

by Margaret Wirkus

Uncommon Touch

by Tom Harpur

Cross Currents:
The Perils of Electropollution,
The Promise of Electromedicine

by Robert Becker, MD

Mietek Wirkus: School of Bioenergy, The Healing Art
By Margaret Wirkus

Mietek Wirkus, born in July 1939 in Poland, manifested the talents of a healer when he was only four years old. From that early age he was capable of observing "colorful, glittering clouds" surrounding the bodies of people and animals and would comment about them. He performed his first healing treatment as a four-year old on his asthma afflicted sister. After several seconds, the asthma attacks would pass. This was often observed by the members of his family and by the family physician. From early childhood Mietek realized that he differed from the vast majority of his contemporaries. Before he decided to devote himself to work with bioenergy, however, more than 30 years would pass.

During that time, Mietek continued to develop his healing abilities. He studied Eastern meditation techniques and breathing exercises. He also learned how to regulate the flow of energy in his body and within his own energy fields; how to increase or slow the flow, as needed; how to send energy and concentrate it in appropriate areas in or beyond the body, and how to augment with his own energy the energy fields of other people. He also compared his own experiences in manipulation of this subtle energy with written sources of esoteric knowledge concerned with the connections between the mind, emotions and health of the physical body.

As one of only three Polish bioenergy practitioners, Mietek worked for over two years in Polish medical centers where, along with physicians, he would see patients. His full medical documentation remains in the Polish records. From this period of his work, Mietek reached a conviction that a bioenergy practitioner and a physician should cooperate with each other closely. Models of such cooperation may be found not only in Poland but also in England, China and Russia.

As he continued to develop the ability to use his energy, Mietek started formulating his own bioenergy theory, on which his school is now based. The theory incorporates elements of Tibetan healing teachings, especially the Tibetan techniques of breath and movement of energy.

In his school, Mietek focuses his attention primarily on the external energy fields that surround a person. His experiments suggest that there exist flowing currents of energy in the physical body, as well as external fields of energy flows that surround a body and they have an enormous effect on that body. He teaches that in a physical body there are four levels of energy that flow:
1) through the skeletal structure of the body and its important points, the joints;
2) through blood circulation;
3) through the nervous system; and
4) through the skin.

All of these energy flows may be improved and facilitated by the system of practices contained in the concept of 'bodywork," such as massage, chiropractic work, Rolfing, Alexander technique, etc., as well as by means of acupuncture. Because the internal energy flow remains closely related to the external energy flow, bodywork should have, and usually does have, a very positive effect on the general health of a person and on the person's emotional and mental states. However, to assure that this positive effect can be retained longer, it is also necessary to correct the flow of energy in the fields surrounding the human body. These are:
1) The thermal field (in the esoteric teachings also known as the body double or etheric body, which has a direct effect on the physical body);
2) the low frequency electromagnetic field (also called the emotional body or astral body whose state is directly connected with the emotions and which has a direct effect on the state of the thermal field); and
3) the acoustic field (also known as the mental level which has a direct effect on the state of the emotional field).

All of the fields have their energy distribution centers (chakram —India, khalso — Tibet); all are in the state of constant vibration; all are subject to continuous change; all are interpenetrating; and all are held together with the same subtle "binding matter" which Mietek considers to be the mind. This mind "inhabits" each of these fields with varying levels of awareness. Without the existence of this "binding matter" our physical, etheric, astral and mental bodies would disintegrate, which is what happens at the moment of clinical death. (This does not mean, however, that "WE" die.)

There exists also, supra-mental levels of energy. These are alterable, however, only as a result of close connection with the Highest Source of energy, however we understand this Source. A practitioner of bioenergy must first " straighten out" his or her own energy flow on each level before considering working on the fields of others.

This is the goal of the basic training course offered by the school created by Mietek and Margaret Wirkus. In the basic training, there is some theory (each. student can obtain a manual containing detailed descriptions of all exercises) but major emphasis is placed on individual experience. While all students perform the same exercises, their experiences vary.

On the elementary level they teach how to feel the energy, how to send it, where we want it, how to release the accumulated (often unconsciously, through the years) emotions so that the mental level can assert control over emotions, and how to mentally steer all of these levels of energy. Everyone is accepted into the elementary classes, with the exception of persons that are mentally imbalanced or excessively aggressive. On this level, students discover their energy abilities and help to teach each other. Sixteen to twenty students attend the elementary basic class. Mietek can then devote adequate time to everyone. Individual attention is time consuming but brings decidedly the best results. In the United States, thus far, more than four thousand persons have completed the basic course.

In the advanced classes students are taught how to work with bioenergy, how to affect the energy fields of another person, how to correct these fields, how to work in the etheric, emotional and mental levels. Each student is encouraged to undertake basic studies in anatomy and physiology. Students learn hygiene in bioenergy work as well as the ethics of that work. They are also encouraged to become acquainted with other methods of energy work and after completing their course, to develop their own method compatible with the individual need for application of bioenergy in their line of work. (The needs of a therapeutic masseuse, a nurse, a psychologist or a physician differ from each other.)

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