Basic Level Training Course on USB Memory Chip Connection

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We have good news to tell you, and we hope that you will be as excited about it as we are!

We are now offering a USB MemoeyChip Conection that will fit in any computer - in a Apple or Windows! The set of the Basic Level Training Course comes the newest revised training manual, written by Margaret and Mietek. Recorded live, Margaret Wirkus teaches students by guided meditations, a progressive sequence of exercises and highly informative lectures. It's perfect for those of you who wish to gain an insightful understanding of the Wirkus Bio-Energy system at their own pace and perfect for prior students to review the basic level training course. This course provides a wonderful way to strengthen your ability to understand and work with subtle energies, both on yourself and others.
In addition to what is on the memory chip is Cross Currents, Uncommon Touch and a biography of Mietek Wirkus. There is a research in cells and a article of Kevin J. Todeschi just to name a few,
We sincerely believe that this will provide you with a very useful and powerful tool with which to enhance your study of energy medicine, and that it will initiate and continue the process of awakening the healer that exists within each of us.

We wish each of you the very best of health and wholeness.

Margaret and Mietek

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Mysteries of Bioenergy
by Margaret Sozewska-Wirkus

It is hard to believe it has been over twenty years since I have wirtten and published a book in Poland. When I wrote it I new that the overall awareness and understanding of human life and its nature was different in Poland than it is the United States. This was mainly a result of the educational standard set for Polish students as early as middle school, which included subjects such as physics, chemistry, biology and astronomy at a fairly young age. For may of my friends it was not a surprise that life on Earth is built from two components - biochemical matter and energy. Many of us understood that energy animates the body of all living things (including the human body) and that this force surrounds every cell like a miniature wire, providing a blueprint for the physical body.

Thrity years ago when Mietek and I started teaching 'bioenergy' classes in the States, we realized that for many of our students all of this was an unfamiliar concept. Later on, when we decided to explore the topic of energy much more in depth, and began teaching that a blueprint around the physical body plays a role of a medium for a constant role of infornation throughout the body, and it creates low frequency electromagnetic field around us.